Car insurance is one of the most important in our lives by the number of policies comprising, responsibilities covering the headaches that can prevent us, or negligible price to disburse each year.

We give below 10 tracks to keep in mind when hiring your car insurance.

1.-Any owner of a motor vehicle who wants to move is required to have insurance that covers at least the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle because of its circulation on our roads, for damages (personal and material) that can cause to others,

2. Ensure our car optimally is an act of responsibility and personal maturity for which we reflect on ourselves, our circumstances and our way of seeing life, and decided we cover according to that vision.

The insurer world offers “solutions” assurance, almost tailored to each person, your vehicle, your outlook on life and your responsibility as a driver,

3. Before hiring a car insurance is good to start by the type of coverage to ensure, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each points: limited liability (to others); unlimited liability; with excess and all risk.

If the new car is often advisable during the first two years of life, an insurance and the value of new (cover 100% of its value). From the third year, with excess, or you are older and low value or we take it very now and then, third party insurance, etc.

Internet, the advice of specialists (agents and brokers), or the experience of others are of great help to decide,

4. Once we decant the best mode for our personal situation, it is a good time to choose a recruitment channel:

If we are 100% connected and have no time, better Internet or telephone; if we like the proximity and expert advice, use an agent or an insurance broker, etc.,

5. Although it may seem a trifle or believe that we will increase the cost of policy dangerously, it is advisable to notify the company at the time of preparing the budget if the vehicle is to be driven by under-25s or persons under 2 years old in the flesh, and the occasional or permanent nature of these drivers:

6. Collect comparable maximum possible information from different insurers and try to compare “apples with pears”, ie different policies for the same type of insurance coverage and foremost: compare third party insurance third party insurance, all risks in all risk, etc.

It is time for the additional coverage, we can do much easier life if you need them, although it should not pay twice for the same, if we have additional coverage contracted by other means (our auto club, insurance life, etc.),

7. Never take out insurance only car driven by the price factor to dry, if not accompanied by the primary coverage and additional coverage as our way of being, thinking, or face the risk factor, and our vehicle .

Lately we have started to see offers fractionation of the premium in several installments. Beware of the premium resulting from the sum, you can go much more expensive,

Find out about the general clauses, private and limitation clauses (collect modifications, extensions or limitations of rights must be expressly accepted and signed by the user)

8. From the moment you manifest an intention to contract, usually by giving your personal data and the vehicle, the date of the policy and bank details, you will be insured, although it is good ask them to send you a receipt for eg by email.

Later we shall send by post the details of the policy, its general and special conditions, data and telephone contact, a friendly party reporting of accidents, and ultimately welcome,

If you hire a distance will have a term of 14 calendar days to exercise the right of withdrawal from distance contracts (possibility of waiving the insurance without stating any reason and without it you can be penalized for it).

10. Everyone has the obligation and the right therefore to ensure their vehicle.