Motorcycle Insurance

There, during riding season, a generously sized “motorcycle only” section fills with bikes. Especially on “Ride to Work” Day, it’s a showroom of all makes and models—from sport bikes to big cruisers … maybe even a few customs. Even on rainy days, you see the bikes.

Your pride and joy gets the very best.

The little details matter here.

So, the bike you carefully chose and outfitted will be treated like the unique ride it is.

For example, damaged OEM parts are replaced with OEM parts. And if your bike gets totaled or is stolen, with Total Loss coverage (TLC), you get a new one that’s just like the original. Even your accessories are covered, up to $3,000.

You don’t always get this level of coverage as part of your standard motorcycle insurance policy. But here, you do.

Online motorcycle coverage protects most bikes, including street bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, standard motorcycles, scooters, touring motorcycles, dirt bikes, trikes, classics, and other 2-wheeled rides.

Motorcycle Insurance.